At SESOME, we like to think of ourselves as pretty decent people. We work hard, recycle stuff, and always defend Sue Perkins when she’s bad-mouthed in the building. So last week when a little feather-clad fella’ showed up on our doorstep, we obviously had to take him in.

Wrapped in a tiny blanket and with a thimble of scotch at hand (turkeys are notoriously big on scotch), our new friend let us know his name was Lurkey, and he’d escaped the other side of the pond when he found out that the Thanksgiving dinner party he’d been looking forward to actually had him down as the main course rather than the main guest.

Don’t worry though guys, the Lurkster is well, and thriving in his new environment. As you’ll have seen on our Twitter, he’s had a busy week making new friends, lunching and even trying to get a job. Turns out it’s harder than it looks to be a busker though, especially when you don’t have opposable thumbs (or thumbs at all, for that matter…).

With Thanksgiving now out of the way for another year, Lurkey is finally feeling free to be himself again. We realise though that at some point we’ll need to fill him in on the fact that people in the UK eat his kinsmen for Christmas as well, but that’s a story for another day…

Happy Friday!

#LurkeytheTurkey checking out the talent whilst doing some #BlackFriday shopping…