With all the Yuletide shenanigans the festive season has had to offer, at SESOME we’re feeling the Christmas spirit like it’s no one else’s business. But, once the mulled wine has been downed and the last karaoke rendition of All I Want For Christmas Is You has been had, we’re looking forward to curling up in the sofa to watch anything involving sappiness, snow and Santa. So now we’re going to share our favourite Christmas films with you. Enjoy!


Gremlins: Not necessarily a Crimbo classic, but then there are only so many times you can watch Home Alone! I saw this film for the first time in the late 80’s, and re-watching it recently with my kids made me realise it’s so tacky it’s’ excellent. With its silliness, strong characters and comedy chaos, it’s unique to its time. And, who can forget the start, Gizmo?


The Nightmare before Christmas: I feel like I would be letting down the vanilla emo teenager I used to be if I didn’t pick The Nightmare Before Christmas as my festive film of choice. It has everything you’d ever want in in life – a gripping love story, music emotional enough to make a grown man cry, bright colours, dancing, skeletons… Like I said, everything you’d ever want in life.


Love Actually:
I can’t lie – I actually love Love Actually. I don’t care that the storylines are far-fetched, idealised rom-com schmaltz, or that Colin Firth clearly lands in Marseille airport when tracking down his Portuguese lover and her entire extended family to confess his undying love in a clearly Portuguese provincial town – this film has a pure yuletide feel-good factor.


Bad Santa: Hilarious from start to end, Bad Santa is the story of an alcoholic safe cracker who’s lost all hope when it comes to the holidays. His plans to steal money from the shopping centre is thwarted when he meets a boy who ends up moving in with him. I first watched it in 2004, and have re-watched it countless times since then!


It’s a Wonderful Life: People very rarely indulge in the simple, precious act of being alive. Even the thought of spending the festive season with loved ones isn’t enough to fill us with overwhelming, tingling glee. In It’s a Wonderful Life, we follow a young man who only when escorted through an alternative life by a gentle angel realises how fortunate he actually is. And that’s why this is the greatest film ever made!