Running an agency can sometimes feel like having a second family. And recently SESOME – my other baby – turned two years old. And, much as I did last year, I celebrated this special anniversary by taking stock of the past 365 days. The second year has been a big one for us, so making sure we have a plan in place of the upcoming years!

In our first year, SESOME got its very first agency and clients to call our own. It took a few hard-yards, but we quickly found our stride. We learnt our trade, forged an identity and learnt what processes worked for us along the way. The first year was spent squatting in the attic spa of another company, and made do without a lot of things. But, as with any success story, perseverance and dogged work got us through it.

In year two, we used the lessons we learnt to grow our business. By now we had some great clients – some of them gained through referrals. Our days of living by the mantra ‘what doesn’t kill us…’ were now over. We achieved some great placements, established our identity and cemented our new and improved internal process. Moving from our attic space to an actual office in Euston gave us the opportunity to meet some great people, and ended up doing business with some!

And here we are, moving into year three. We’ve made some more changes to the team and to internal roles, and hired some new talent to reflect the ever-moving searchscape. This meant that is was once again time to move onwards and upwards with a bigger, more ‘grown-up’ office. And whilst the ‘bricks and mortar’ isn’t what makes a company, this new office does definitely symbolise the culture, identity and values which are very much part of SESOME. Have a look at the picture below to see for yourself. Our signature pink is a strong feature – and IMHO makes the room.

Follow us into our third year – we’re looking forward to every bit of it.
Founder and CEO of SESOME