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Adrian is the founder and CEO of SESOME. Adrian has been in digital marketing & SEO for over 20 years. The majority of Adrian’s working life has been spent in the travel industry; most recently at My Destination, Thomas Cook Group, (Expedia) and HomeAway Group. And he has spoken at a number of industry, retail and search events.

#CovidReady is now part of your brand strategy if you like it or not!

Here in the UK, lockdown rules are being (subject to R) eased again. The next wave of businesses from the 1st of June will be car dealerships and outdoor markets. Then, from mid-June all other retailers, as long they are #CovidReady! The UK Government's advice on being 'Covid-19 secure' is here. No matter the size and sophistication of your business you are building, enhancing, damaging your brand at all times in the mind of your community, if you mean to or not! What is a brand? Your brand is the collective understanding and opininon of your business in the mind [...]

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Flex, Freeze or Fix – tactical decisions

Your business’ status and how this affects your marketing tactics during Covid-19. I wrote a post called, “Flex, Freeze or Fix – marketing strategies in the time of Covid-19”, that I published on my Influencer Marketplace’s blog on the 21st of May 2020. In that post I spoke about marketing strategies. This post is about marketing tactics. Last year I completed the Marketing Week Mini MBA in Marketing from the legend that is Mark Ritson. A few weeks back I was on his webinar about Covid-19 and its effects on business. He proposed 3 generic stages for this Corona-time. This [...]

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What is Content Marketing? And how should it fit into your 2020 SEO strategy

Content marketing (CM) is not a new concept, but over the last decade, it has become one of the most critical tools for businesses. While marketing in the digital age can take a wide variety of forms, at the heart of each is creative content. That content needs to be designed so that it works as hard as possible for you. The right content marketing strategy can boost SEO, improve sales figures, and encourage higher levels of brand visibility. From organic content marketing to paid campaigns, there are many misconceptions about how content marketing can work. Learning more about developing [...]

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What is a marketing strategy? And why a marketing audit is important

All businesses need to use marketing. If your marketing is lacklustre and ill-defined then it will inevitably be weaker. A marketing strategy is a single, comprehensive plan that aligns all of your marketing goals and brand objectives into one easy to follow plan. When a marketing strategy is designed well, it can promote your products, your brand, and your online visibility. However, it can also be used to make sales, identify the needs of your customers and guide the development of your growth plans. To create a successful marketing strategy, you need to combine all of your business goals into [...]

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What was important in 2019 digital marketing? And, what this means for 2020 & beyond

The demands of digital marketing, along with the ever-changing world of SEO, has seen huge pressure on brands and marketing departments in 2019. Digital trends go through an evolution every year, and that means that marketers and business owners need to stay one step ahead at all times. The first step is knowing what big changes were important in 2019 and having an awareness of the changes that are expected to make an impact in 2020. If you want to maintain or develop your competitive edge, here are the big trends that landed in 2019, and what to expect as [...]

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My Organic traffic has dropped – what do I do?

I had the privilege of being invited to speak in Rotterdam at Traverse Events's #Traverse18. Met some wonderful bloggers, influencers and industry bods. I had Room 1, with seating for >180. Here are my slides. My SEO traffic has plateaued or dropped. What should I do? #Traverse18 from Adrian Land Here is a short video.

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How to Move From http to https

Plus, 8 common pitfalls to avoid! SSL certificates and encryption has been around, well, since long before online transactions, with many sites using it for bits and pieces that need protecting like account settings. In recent years, malware, hijacking, hacking and cybercrime are all terms that the mainstream public have become familiar with. This is something the media has cottoned on to, leading to a tendency to report on issues surrounding online security. And, due to the increase in public awareness, as well as the willingness of search engines and software providers to call it out, some much needed changes have come [...]

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#TraverseTalks talks SEO with Adrian Land

Last week Adrian was interviewed by Paul Dow of Traverse Events about SEO. Episode 3 answers Traverse's community's questions they put forward.

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SESOME’s Founder Adrian Talks Influence and SEO at Traverse ‘17

Fresh from a dynamic, exciting and thoroughly enjoyable weekend at the Traverse ‘17 conference, SESOME’s founder and CEO Adrian Land is here to share his knowledge on all things SEO and influence. Adrian was one of the event’s key speakers, guiding a captive audience through his own areas of expertise and how they intersect. Below is his slideshow presentation, packed with information and inspiration for influencers looking to optimise their content for today’s digital environment - enjoy! SEO - what you need to know in 2017 from Adrian Land Tweets from after the presentation The room is packed 10 minutes [...]

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What does ‘Crawl Budget’ Mean for Googlebot?

Google’s Gary Illyes Explains On Monday the 16th of January, Gary Illyes, the Google Webmaster Trend Analyst tweeted about a blog post he had just posted: Wanna know what Googlebot thinks about "crawl budget"? If the answer is no, I don't buy it, so head over to — Gary Illyes ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ (@methode) 16 January 2017 For any technical SEO, the concept of ‘crawl budget’, ‘pagerank’, ‘link juice’ or any of numerous other alias have been commonly bandied around for years. All of the above are regular terms that a client will likely ask about when embarking on [...]

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