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Adrian is the founder and CEO of SESOME. Adrian has been doing digital marketing & SEO for over 15 years. The majority of Adrian’s working life has been spent in the travel industry; most recently at My Destination, Thomas Cook Group, (Expedia) and HomeAway Group. And he has spoken at a number of industry, retail and search events.

My Organic traffic has dropped – what do I do?

I had the privilege of being invited to speak in Rotterdam at Traverse Events's #Traverse18. Met some wonderful bloggers, influencers and industry bods. I had Room 1, with seating for >180. Here are my slides. My SEO traffic has plateaued or dropped. What should I do? #Traverse18 from Adrian Land Here is a short video.

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How to Move From http to https

Plus, 8 common pitfalls to avoid! SSL certificates and encryption has been around, well, since long before online transactions, with many sites using it for bits and pieces that need protecting like account settings. In recent years, malware, hijacking, hacking and cybercrime are all terms that the mainstream public have become familiar with. This is something the media has cottoned on to, leading to a tendency to report on issues surrounding online security. And, due to the increase in public awareness, as well as the willingness of search engines and software providers to call it out, some much needed changes have come [...]

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#TraverseTalks talks SEO with Adrian Land

Last week Adrian was interviewed by Paul Dow of Traverse Events about SEO. Episode 3 answers Traverse's community's questions they put forward.

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SESOME’s Founder Adrian Talks Influence and SEO at Traverse ‘17

Fresh from a dynamic, exciting and thoroughly enjoyable weekend at the Traverse ‘17 conference, SESOME’s founder and CEO Adrian Land is here to share his knowledge on all things SEO and influence. Adrian was one of the event’s key speakers, guiding a captive audience through his own areas of expertise and how they intersect. Below is his slideshow presentation, packed with information and inspiration for influencers looking to optimise their content for today’s digital environment - enjoy! SEO - what you need to know in 2017 from Adrian Land Tweets from after the presentation The room is packed 10 minutes [...]

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What does ‘Crawl Budget’ Mean for Googlebot?

Google’s Gary Illyes Explains On Monday the 16th of January, Gary Illyes, the Google Webmaster Trend Analyst tweeted about a blog post he had just posted: Wanna know what Googlebot thinks about "crawl budget"? If the answer is no, I don't buy it, so head over to — Gary Illyes ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ (@methode) 16 January 2017 For any technical SEO, the concept of ‘crawl budget’, ‘pagerank’, ‘link juice’ or any of numerous other alias have been commonly bandied around for years. All of the above are regular terms that a client will likely ask about when embarking on [...]

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Another year has come and almost gone. 2016 has been another big year for me personally and the team. We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Roll on 2017.      

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The 4 Clickbait Title Types You Need to Know (or maybe are already using)!

Plus, a whole bunch of ready to go find-and-replace-formulas for you! I have combined two in the title of this piece. “Intrigue" and “Smug”. Did you notice? If you are reading this, you are either someone who is interested in this field, a content writer, in a creative team, or work around those who are. In this article you may learn something OR you will have an opinion on whether I am right, or not! Either way, you are still reading this [thank you!]. So, welcome. Here at SESOME, we produce content. A lot. Some with our name on it, [...]

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Budgeting for Influence in 2017

The run-up to Christmas and New Year is renowned for many reasons: mince pies, fairy lights and television adverts that have budgets rivalling Hollywood blockbusters. However, in the wonderful world of marketing, the end of the year is also synonymous with one other activity: allocating the following year’s budget. As well as being daunting, this process is one of both precision and conjecture – having to guess at the most effective methods without having a firm grasp of the trends of the coming twelve months. We look at this for our own projects and to understand (and answer) our clients [...]

17 Lessons I’ve Learnt in SESOME’s First Three Years

As of the 1st of October, SESOME agency turned three! Reaching this milestone has prompted me to reflect on the most salient lessons I’ve learnt since that fateful day in 2013... Almost exactly three years ago, I did two (potentially) stupid things simultaneously! 1. Set up my own business (that could be a number of future blog posts alone!) 2. Made that business an agency, having never worked in an agency before After 14 years working client side, running international teams, managing an in-house team, internal suppliers and multiple agencies around the world, I thought it was time to do [...]

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Building Brand Reputation – Everybody’s Responsible

Although undeniably important, link-building is just part of increasing brand awareness. Here at SESOME, we like to focus on reputation rather than just link building - we believe achieving links is just a happy byproduct of designing and delivering engaging campaigns. Link building for its own sake used to be the preserve of the lone (and slightly myopic) SEO, and in all honesty, few purely SEO-based endeavours are likely to succeed. With the increasingly negative perception of link-building, not to mention the threat of penalties, this silo-ed approach is now neither recommended nor effective. These days, ranking in Google directly [...]