We had the pleasure of having Lia as a graphic design intern for two months. Apart from good memories she also left us with this message:


Thank you so much for the last 2 months. It’s been a great internship with you guys and I’m so honoured to have worked with such an amazing team. I’ll miss you guys! But expect me to show up at future parties—I mean, only if you miss my presence (of course you will) and would like to invite me.

Jamie— Hey friend!! From teaching me neat tricks here and there on programs to great office banter, it’s been great sitting on the cool side of the room with you. #SFG. I hope you enjoy your new Mac!! I wish I could have been around to see the excitement! And if anything at all goes wrong, you can still blame everything on Lia.

Adrian— Thanks for letting me sit in Jamie’s chair for my last week to absorb the power. I promise to carry on the office sass for when I next see you guys again / wherever I may work in the future. Thank you for being the incredibly hardworking and always positive leader of the team (the team that made me slightly healthier).

Emily—When you made the best cup of tea I’ve ever had on my very first day, that was when I knew we’d get along. You’ve set the cup of tea bar high. Thank you for all the random facts that you have graciously enlightened me with. I believe and will continue to believe all of them.

Sanna— Hallå! Jag älskar Sverige . Jag vill vara svenska. Sweden! Sweden! IKEA! I admire your daily healthy colourful lunches and if one day I achieve the same level of health as you, well I’ll let you know. I will carry on the practice of not carrying around plastic bags, I promise.

Elin—Have a great time with a great team! It’s sad I’m leaving just as you got here but it was great to meet you, fellow dessert person!

And to that I say, Baba Ganoush / good bye for now! I’ll miss you guys but I shall see you very soon!

From Lia


Thank you for this time Lia! We can’t wait to follow you on your adventures and we wish you a BIG good luck in the future (not that you need it, but still)!

Lots of love / the SESOME team