Here at SESOME, we love a good pizza. Individually we are all connoisseurs of the beloved hot slice (including, sadly, those sold in our local Sainsbury’s at lunchtime), and as a team we can happily chat for hours about the correct ratio of cheese to tomato base. Hell, even Lurkey was once found beak-deep in a Pepperoni Passion during an office Domino’s session.

It was then with a great deal of excitement we headed off down Tottenham Court Road (or ‘ToCoRo’ as we fondly know it) for our regular Mid-Month Munch, to secure a table at Franco Manca. Having been hailed as producing the ‘best pizza in London’ in all manner of national press, it’s safe to say that our expectations were sky high. Once we arrived, the cheery welcome from every member of staff, rustic Italian décor and simple, paper menus were all we needed to get fully into the pizza sprit.

Fast forward an hour, and the team as a whole could be found slumped in their respective seats, having been lulled into a full-on food coma by the sheer deliciousness of fresh, sourdough pizza. I hope this goes some way towards explaining the above group photo that was snapped by an enthusiastic waitress seconds afterwards.