Here in the SESOME office, we are no strangers to a slice of fine dining. We can regularly be found under a mound of Domino’s pizza, and we know the local Sainsburys salad bar like the back of our collective hand.

However, amongst the lunchtime meal deals and endless packets of chocolate digestives, we still manage to spend a lot of time in London’s newest, quirkiest and tastiest eateries. Because there ain’t no dinner party like a SESOME dinner party, we’ve had a quick office whip-round for the team’s top London restaurant picks and recommendations. You’re welcome!



Hoi Polloi, Shoreditch

As soon as you walk in, the calm, purposeful atmosphere makes you feel at ease. And the food! The food! It’s a work of art that dances on your palate no matter what you may order. I could eat here all day, every day. 



The Life Goddess, Bloomsbury

This independent restaurant and deli that does amazing breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The huge wooden counter is heaving with fresh and flavoursome twists on contemporary Mediterranean cuisines every day of the week. Plus, they do great coffee. You can often find me there working away, surrounded by empty cups… 



Dishoom, Carnaby Street

No one can say no to a curry, and Dishoom does Indian dining with that extra bit of spice – their Black House Daal has to be tasted to be believed! The Carnaby Street branch is my fave, due to its 1960’s interior design. You feel as though you could be sharing a garlic naan with Lulu and half of the Beatles at any moment. Last time I went, I sat (lounged) next to an electric fire place with plastic coal. If that’s not attention to stylistic detail, I don’t know what is.



Bao, Soho

The first time I went there I went for a few nibbles before a dinner. I ended up not leaving, and actually had my dinner there. The simple menu is made up of delicious small eats (xiao chis), baos and sides. All are visually beautiful and yummy, and you will leave there wanting to come back again and again, just like I did!



Byron Burger, Everywhere in London

This modern hamburger chain serves simple but oh so juicy burgers with a HUGE variety of cheese to choose from (who doesn’t like cheese??) and will satisfy everybody’s tastebuds. I always make sure to order one of their delicious (and big) milkshakes which goes perfectly with the burgers – make sure you go there hungry!!