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A UK based graphic designer with a passion for digital arts, branding and pushing pixels around.

A Graphic Designer’s Christmas Wishlist For 2016

Do you know a designer and need help deciding what gifts to get for Christmas this year? Following is a list of some of the books I would love to see under the tree (my amazon list has 50 plus more...). Ranging from just the informative and interesting to the downright bloody gorgeous, and any graphic fiend should be lucky to own some or all of these inspiring tomes.   40 Days Of Dating - Timothy Goodman & Jessica Walsh Take a guy with some emotional issues and an aversion to commitments that last longer than a couple of months, pair him with a girl [...]

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Jeff Koons Exhibits in London

I'm going to start by saying I am relatively new to the city of London, that is, I started working here quite recently. Being immediately hit by the enormously fast-paced nature of literally everything in the city, I adopted a 'say yes to...everything' attitude. This mind-set has seen me turn up at a designers' BBQ wedged between two closely spaced city walls, gazing across the city over a few bevvies up the Shard and having a picnic of risotto on the banks of the Thames within the first week, to name a few. As is the style with last minute plans, I was [...]

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