Project Description

The Client



The Brief

In order to key into the upswing of gourmet cooking content, both online, in print media and on television, Bookatable wanted to create a piece that centred on haute cuisine terminology. The brief was to work this concept into a shareable, concise, useable asset.


The Solution

To channel Bookatable’s humorous, accessible house style and tone-of-voice, we elected to create a ‘cheat sheet’ of terminology that cut through the pretence and exclusivity often associated with gourmet cooking. The sheet was designed as a primarily digital asset, but one which had ‘real-world’ applications and could be used to avoid embarrassing restaurant mis-orderings. The final piece features a number of sections, each listing common haute cuisine terms and their literal translations, designed to look like a menu itself. It was subsequently picked up and featured by a number of design sites and food magazines including Design Taxi and Dine Birmingham.