Project Description

The Client



The Brief

Inspired by a wealth of retrospective television programs, (e.g. the BBC’s Back in Time for Dinner) Bookatable were looking to explore the link between food and nostalgia in a new campaign. SESOME were tasked with creating a self-contained infographic, which conjured up wistful, food-based memories for its readers.


The Solution

In order to focus our research (and stomachs), we elected to base the infographic around desserts only, and select two from each decade to examine. Desserts largely have more iconic shapes and colours compared to other dishes, and would therefore lend themselves to being featured in a visually-led piece. Each decade section was designed with an aesthetic representative of the era, as well as strong imagery of the featured desserts, and descriptions of each in Bookatable’s distinctive tone-of-voice. The result is a nostalgia-inspiring asset, drawing inspiration from the past – hindsight is a wonderful thing after all! The infographic was picked up by the Daily Mail, and subsequently went onto be featured in publications including Vanity Fair Italy.