Project Description

The Client



The Brief

Bookatable were eager to tap into the post-Christmas health kick with a piece of content centred on wholesome and clean eating. SESOME’s brief in this instance was to produce an image-led graphic, centred on healthy eating alternatives.  


The Solution

The research for this campaign was paramount (as a rule, none of us at SESOME are experts in healthy eating). Armed with this, we elected to create a text-minimal graphic, which illustrated the chemical imbalances and deficiencies behind common cravings and proposed healthy alternatives in a concise, clear manner. The clean and fresh appearance of the resulting, self-contained piece was ideal for social sharing, as well as having mass appeal by tapping into the ‘new year, new you’ mindset of post-Christmas dieters. The Curb Your Cravings infographic was picked up and featured in an article on Huffington Post Canada, Fine Dining Lovers Italy and No Garlic, No Onions, among others.