Project Description

The Client

Travel Republic


The Brief

In order to drive traffic to specific destination pages, Travel Republic wanted to create a piece based around iconic features of worldwide cities. This was to consist of a multi-asset campaign, featuring editorial, stats, figures and sharable, graphical assets.


The Solution

We set about devising this campaign by considering a range of iconic city aspects, including landmarks, skylines and local delicacies, but none seemed to have the quirkiness that would stand out as graphic assets. In the end, we settled on using city transport as the focus of the piece, as not only do modes of transport have instant recognisability and are relatable, they also have iconic aesthetic appeal – who doesn’t think of red buses when London is mentioned? In addition, we were able to add quantifiable data to each mode of transport by calculating its cost per mile. The result was a collection of stylised postcards, each featuring the transport in its city setting with the cost per mile figure. The piece as a whole went on to be featured in the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard among others, and was trending on twitter for 24 hours.