Project Description

The Client



The Brief

Bookatable were looking for a campaign that celebrated flavour, and, in particular, unusual flavour pairings that combine to create truly spectacular dishes. SESOME were tasked with condensing this concept into a shareable, visually led asset.

sesome_portfolio_flavour pairings

The Solution

Unusual flavour pairings is a subject matter that has been explored in some incarnation by many food-focused publications. The differentiating factor for our campaign was to be shareability – rather than an editorial piece, we had to condense the information into one asset. After some in-depth research we elected to section up the flavours into taste groups, and select a few strong, attention-grabbing combinations for each. To add an extra dimension, we included a meal idea for each combo, and ensured the piece was visually-led with very little text. The result is a sleek, minimal asset, ideal for both social sharing and inspiring in-depth content, which was featured and referenced by Fine Dining Lovers and Design Taxi among others.